SPider Tie Custom

The Details

How did Spider Tie come about?
A product developed by an 30 year experienced builder, Greg McDonagh out of a need for builders to be able to form a concrete wall easily and quickly. After a lot of trial and error he ended up with the Spider Tie concrete wall forming system. The Spider Ties simply function like a 2×4 stud, providing a frame to screw your plywood to.



Real Advantages
Spider Tie now offers trades men an easier way to construct a concrete wall. You no longer are at the mercy of your sub-contractors busy schedule. Since no expensive forms are required you can easily form these walls yourself. Less labor is required as well because the heaviest part of this system is a single sheet of plywood. The Spider Tie system is simple to explain. It creates a temporary frame work by which you simply fasten your plywood to using a recommended coarse thread screw. Very similar to fastening drywall to wooden studs. This framework also holds your rebar perfectly in place every time without having to use tie wire.



Curved walls and Swimming pools
There are other wonderful advantages to using Spider Tie as well. With Spider Tie you now can form curved walls in a fraction of the time. Serpentine shaped walls, tight radius walls, really the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Spider Tie was designed for all types of construction including swimming pool construction. Any shape and size pool can now be builtfor less time it takes with Gunite and Shotcrete.



Continuing to develop new products
We realize that the industry is constantly changing, and in order to continue to see a profit for our efforts, we are willing to continue to find new ways to get old things done. Because of our experience as builders we know the pressures you contractor are under. If trying a new system may seem risky to you, may we suggest testing a small section of your next concrete wall project by using the Spider tie system. Our system will be an  improvement over what you are presently using. We are confident that you will find that the Spider Tie system has advantages.

Spider Tie, a division of Paladin Industrial, is located in Syracuse, Indiana and has taken the lead to provide innovative solutions for the challenges of today’s ever-changing construction industry. We are committed to help today’s builder save money and increase productivity while making the building process easier. Spider Tie is made in the USA, manufactured in Indiana.


Any of our custom spider tie pools can be  made and  built in six weeks. The default interior of the vessel will be a vinyl liner. You will have your choice of vinyl interiors.

Any other interior will increase pricing and time to completion and will not be finished in six weeks.

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