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Our Services

Full Service Pool Maintenance. Quality Without Compromise. You worked hard for your pool, we work hard to keep it looking new for you. Stalwart Weekly Service by a team of techs, your pool deserves no less.

Tile Cleaning.  We excel at removing the white ring - the built up calcium that blemishes the tile on your pool tiles. We use environmentally friendly soft substance and high pressure to remove and the ring and restore your tile to a like new finish. We use custom tools and save your pool water using this method.

Green to Clean.  Let us test your water chemistry and determine if we can save your water or if you need to drain your pool and give it an acid wash and alkali rinse. If your water chemistry shows hardness levels through the roof, along with high CYA or Cyanuric Acid levels, your pool should be drained. 

Pump Repairs or ReplacementIs your electric bill running high? Replacing your energy hungry single speed pump with a new variable speed pump can save you 80% on your pool's energy costs.  

Filter Replacement. Do you have a sand filter?  Do you know the last time it was changed?  Sand should be changed every 3-5 years. Cartridge Filters can last 1- 2 years before needing replacement. DE Filters should be back-washed when pressure gauge rises 8-10 psi above normal, and DE should be added back to the system.

Christopher Davis

"I like getting the photo text of the team coming to my home, it help my wife feel secure knowing who is coming to service our pool!"


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