When We Say Clean,

We Mean Immaculate

Full Service:  This is our signature standard. First we check your water chemistry. We empty your skimmer and pump basket, we check your O-Rings, we brush down the sides of your pool, net floating debris and we vacuum your pool - EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
We will backwash your Sand Filter and DE Filter as required. We will clean your cartridge filters as required.

We use only the highest quality, purest chemicals made in America to add to your pool. We can turn your pool that's as clean and clear as spring water- Ask us how.

We communicate with you so you will know who and when we are coming to your pool, we give you reading of your chemistry and take a photo of your pool when we leave. If your current service isn't giving you the full service treatment that New Pools AZ is, then you should switch to us, and go back to enjoying your pool the way it should be.

Green to Clean: If your pool is looking like a swamp, let us take care of that for you. We can change the chemistry of you pool without draining your pool.  This includes us testing water chemistry, draining your pool if necessary, acid wash, alkali rinse, and refill with the proper chemicals to keep your pool looking new.

Tile Cleaning: We use high pressure, and an environmentally friendly substance to clean the dreaded white ring of calcium off of your pool tile, restoring the luster and beauty of the tile when it was new.