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What is a Vinyl Liner Pool

Latham vinyl liner pools are specially engineered to deliver maximum quality at minimum cost. Constructed using innovative, long-lasting materials, vinyl pools harness cutting-edge technology to withstand sunlight, water, and chemicals. That means less time cleaning your pool — and more time enjoying it.

Thanks to their lightweight design and materials, vinyl pools are quick to install. Depending on factors like the size and complexity of the design, total construction time may be as little as just a few days. Larger, more elaborate pool designs may take a bit longer to install.

Replacing a damaged or worn-out vinyl liner is even faster, in some cases requiring just hours to complete. That means you can leave for work in the morning and come home to a stunning new pool that evening.  Vinyl makes it hassle-free to change up your look whenever you want to.

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Our  Starter Vinyl Pool Offering

12 x 24 Vinyl In Ground Pool

4 Options of Depth (343/454/555/3-6)

12 Option of Color Vinyl Liner

3  Options for Steps

Includes Concrete Decking

Includes Sand Filter with Activate Media

Includes Variable Speed Pump

Includes Automation

Includes LED lighting

Includes Auto Cover

Includes Salt Cell/Chlorine Generator

Pre- Qualify: LightStream Financing

It allows you to find out what you qualify for without hitting your credit.

Download the NPT App:

Open App, Choose Design Pool, Choose Design Vinyl

Choose Rectangle  and Make your choices then you can view in your back yard with Virtual Reality

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