Who Cleans YOur Pool

Who Cleans Your Pool? Because it Matters.  As a Veteran Owned Company, New Pools AZ has the highest standards in pool care, period.  No other company does a  better job, no other company cares more for your pool, and takes care of it like it is one of our own.  Your Pool becomes ours with the best care and the highest standards. 

We are licensed, bonded and commercially insured to 2M.  Can your current tech/pool company meet those standards?

Is your current Pool Tech background checked? At New Pools AZ, ours are.  Everyone has to pass a background check.  We want you to be comfortable with who is in your backyard, taking care of your pool.

Is your Pool Technician uniformed? Ours is, we have distinct safety yellow shirts and blue pants to be easily identifiable. We conform to safety standards and use better equipment.

How much training does your pool tech undergo?  Our techs have weeks of hands on training on pools, as well as automation and equipment. Our techs must pass a test before they are allowed out on their own. Pools are complex and require more than just  dip and dash that other companies are fond of. Our full service customers get vacuumed each week, brushed, skimmed, baskets are emptied, equipment and plumbing are checked in addition to balancing the chemistry of your pool water.

Does your pool get water tested at least twice yearly with an Onsite Digital Photometer? We test it. Our customers are given a ten way comprehensive water analysis. We use this comprehensive test to establish a baseline of your water's chemistry and to make sure your pool water is sanitary and safe to swim in. Each week we check your chemicals and balance accordingly.  

Does your pool get vacuumed with a SCUVA (Self Contained Underwater Vacuum Apparatus)?  We use modern underwater vacuum technology to keep debris out of your filter, this keeps your pool cleaner.  We also use traditional vacuuming as well to keep your pool clean and clear of debris. 

Does your pool company use new hybrid vehicles that get 50mpg?  We do! We have an all hybrid fleet. No junk vehicles, no oil leaks on your driveway, no truck bed full of junk and lids that can fly out into roadways.  We take pride in keeping our vehicles maintained and clean.

Does your pool company use precise measurements? We do! Our chemicals are  measured out specifically for your pool. Why? No two pools are identical and require exact measurements to keep you water safe and sanitary.

Does the president and owner answer your phone calls personally?  He does.  Give me a call today at 520.685.POOL